Perfect Nails Speed Gel Polish

Perfect Nails Speed Gel polish makes gel polish manicures faster, by not requiring a base or top coat the system halves the number of application steps in a gel polish service. The products also fully cures, there is no inhibition layer to cleanse at the end of the treatment. This not only makes the service quicker, but also reduces the risk of contact allergy for both technicians and their clients. Perfect Nails Speed Gel polish is HEMA and acrylic acid free to protect the natural nails from damage and help protect from product allergy. Simply shape the nail and remove any excess dust with a stiff nylon dusting brush. Then cleanse the nail with Perfect Nails SaniPrep Cleanse. Apply a thin coat of PN Speed Gel Polish and cure (30 seconds under LED or 2 minutes under UV). Repeat this step. Remember to cap the free edge with each coat. Then add cuticle oil and the service is complete!

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