Light Elegance ButterCreams

Light Elegance products are for sale to trained nail technicians, please do not order from this page unless you can show evidence of nail product training. If in doubt please contact us before purchasing. Light Elegance is a HEMA free product range. Follow this link to read more about nail product allergy. 

Buttercream Black Tie
Buttercream Gold Metallic
Buttercream Just White
Buttercream Silver Metallic
Buttercream Tell-Tale Heart
Buttercream At the Altar
Buttercream Butter Me up
Buttercream Cairo Queen
Buttercream Cha Cha Cherry
Buttercream Cleopatra
Buttercream Debut Collection
Buttercream Family Favorites
Buttercream Fast Lane
Buttercream Flamingle
Buttercream Goddess Within
Buttercream Gold-Bug
Buttercream Grade A
Buttercream I Do
Buttercream I Melt For You