Light Elegance Brushes

Light Elegance products are for sale to trained nail technicians, please do not order from this page unless you can show evidence of nail product training. If in doubt please contact us before purchasing. Light Elegance is a HEMA free product range. Follow this link to read more about nail product allergy. 


LE Art Brush Set
LE Gel Polish Brush
LE #10 Acrylic brush
LE #4 Flat Bling Brush
LE #4 Flat Brush
LE #4 Oval Bling Brush
LE #4 Oval Brush
LE #8 Acrylic brush
LE Angular Shader 0 Art Brush
LE Gel Polish Bling Brush
LE Liner 20/0 Art Brush
LE Round 20/0 Art Brush
LE Shader 10/0
LE Shader 2 Art Brush
LE Smile Line Bling Brush
LE Smile Line Brush
LE Duster Brush