Marvy Jar No. 4 (Glass)

Extra strong, heat resistant glass has the classic look of hand-blown glass. This jar comes with a n


Marvy Jar No.3 (Acrylic)

This disinfectant jar is constructed of crystal-clear, unbreakable acrylic. Features slim shape to c


Marvy Jar No.6 (Glass)

Use this jar when complete immersion of manicuristsÔÇÖ implements is desired. This jar comes with a


Marvy Jar No.7 (Acrylic)

This jar is made from crystal-clear, unbreakable acrylic and is perfect for use where an unbreakable


Marvy Jar No.8 (Glass)

Improve your shopÔÇÖs appearance. Heavy wall, crystal-clear glass. Classic design features large 48


Marvy Manicurist Jar

Specifically designed to hold manicuristsÔÇÖ implements. Comes complete with stainless steel top, wi


Perfect Nails Sanitising Solution Concentrate

For hospital grade disinfection solution for implements mix 5ml of this product with 95ml of purifie

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Steriliser Jar Small 180ml

Steriliser Jar Small 180ml