LE #4 Oval Bling Brush

Light Elegance #4 Oval Bling Brush is great for small nails or when working close to the cuticle are


LE UV/LED Glitter Gel Appletini

Light Elegance UV/LED Glitter Coloured Gel Appletini 17ml - Cures in UV or LED Lamps.


LE Cleanser Pump

Light Elegance Cleanser Pump - Clean and easy way to use your cleanser. Made of frosted glass wit


LE Extreme Gel

Light Elegance Extreme Gel - Medium to

From $60.95

LE Super Shiny

Light Elegance Super Shiny is the top coat that completes your beautiful en

From $26.95

LE Cleanser

Light Elegance Cleanser is a great nail dehydrator and cleaner. Cle

From $11.95

LE Cleansing Wipes

Light Elegance Cleansing Wipes are strong, durable, lint free nail wipes that can be used with ou


LE Duster Brush

Light Elegance Duster Brush - The dust brush has soft bristles and is a great accessory to have i


LE Airbond 15ml

Light Elegance Airbond 15ml


LE Baby Pink Extreme Gel

Light Elegance Baby Pink Extreme Gel is our pinkest Extreme, opaque

From $60.95

LE Gel Polish Bling Brush

Light Elegance Gel Polish Bling Brush is a remarkable brush that is designed for applying gel p


LE Powerbond UV/LED Bonding Base Coat

Light Elegance Powerbond UV/LED Bonding Base Coat

From $26.95

LE UV/LED Glitter Gel Pink Platinum

Light Elegance Glitter Coloured Gel Pink Platinum is a silvery pink glitter.


LE UV/LED Glitter Gel Titanium

Light Elegance UV/LED Glitter Coloured Gel Titanium 17ml is a titanium glitter that shines a bit


Fuzzies Collection

4 awesome colours: